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Watch movie Tammy online free

Watch movie Tammy online free
Tammy (2014) Poster

Watch movie Tammy online free
Release Date : 2 July 2014
Director : Ben Falcone
Writers : Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy
Stars : Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon, Dan Aykroyd
Genres : Comedy
Runtime : 96 min
Weird to realize it’s been 23 years since Susan Sarandon was behind the wheel … It’s remarkable to see Melissa McCarthy opening her own film over Fourth of July weekend with nary a superhero or sequel in direct competition (though even with a massive drop T4 should top the box office in its second outing). We are wondering if the marketing campaign has focused a bit too much on the fast-food joint robbery and showing Tammy as a crook/vigilante instead of spotlighting the fact that her character is facing a crisis — a much more relatable and cathartic story idea. This road comedy is also a major relationship tester since her McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcone, is making his debut as director.
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